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AES Bioflux 6(3)/2014

First pages, 2014 AES Bioflux 6(3):i-viii.

Buot G. G., Ramos M. S. K., Amparado R. F. Jr., Anacleto N. M., 2014 Monitoring and profiling of artisanal and small scale mining at Rogongon: effects on the physico-chemical and biological characteristics of surface water and mercury concentration in sediments of Mandulog River system. AES Bioflux 6(3):183-193.

Patricio J. H. P., 2014 How much soil organic carbon is there in agricultural lands? A case study of a prime agricultural province in Southern Philippines. AES Bioflux 6(3):194-208.

Ndome C. B., Mowang D. A., Okorafor K. A., Ikpabi F. G., 2014 Heavy metal concentrations in the bank root sediments of the Calabar River, adjacent to the Marina resort, Calabar, Nigeria. AES Bioflux 6(3):209-213.

Calapuan J. R., Anasco N. C., Campos W. L., Cainglet R. P., Primavera K. H., 2014 Antifouling potentials of Neopetrosia proxima from Southern Guimaras, Philippines against the marine diatom Navicula ramosissima, barnacle Balanus sp., and green mussel Perna viridis. AES Bioflux 6(3):214-222.

Meltzer M., Bican-Brisan N., Stefanescu L., 2014 Smartphone applications and their potential to enhance natural disaster risk communication and education in Romania. AES Bioflux 6(3):223-234.

Barbir C. F., Negrea B. M., 2014 The forestry sector acting as a basis for local and regional entreprenurial initiative like beekeeping, on the path towards reaching sustainable rural development in Iasi county, Romania. AES Bioflux 6(3):235-242.

Nuneza O. M., Galorio A. H. N., 2014 Cave bat fauna of Siargao Island protected landscape and seascape, Philippines. AES Bioflux 6(3):243-255.

Irnawati R., Susanto A., Mustahal, Syabana M. A., 2014 Heavy metals concentration in water and sediment at Panjang Island, Serang Regency, Banten Province, Indonesia. AES Bioflux 6(3):256-260.

Gholami A., Momeni M., Javaheri E., 2014 The effect of timely and late sowing on the maize (Zea mays L.) yield: feasibility study of delay compensation using nitrogen fertilizer and cow manure. AES Bioflux 6(3):261-266.

Dice J. L., Ecot J. R., Olegario S. P., Abdon S. A. P., Celeste L. A. A., Tayong L. M. P., Podico R. R., Ferrer C. J., Sabid J., Jumawan J. H., 2014 Diversity, vegetation analysis and RCE inventory employed in assessing riverine channel of Malapatan, Sarangani Province, Philippines. AES Bioflux 6(3):267-275.

Ecot J. R., Dice J. L., Celeste L. A. A., Podico R. R., Tayong L. M. P., Abdon S. A. P., Olegario S. P., Sabid J., Ferrer C. J., Bigsang R. T., Abalunan A. J. F., Jumawan J. H., 2014 Riparian zone analysis using Riparian, Channel and Environmental (RCE) inventory and water testing analysis in Lun Padidu river, Lun Padidu, Malapatan, Sarangani Province, Philippines. AES Bioflux 6(3):276-283.

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