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Volume 9(1)/2017

Miclean M., Kovacs M. H., Kovacs D. E., Paizs C., 2017 Levels of PCDDs/PCDFs in several cheese and butter samples collected from Cluj-Napoca market, Romania. AES Bioflux 9(1):1-5.

Ciobotaru I. E., Marcu E., Cimpoeru C., Savin I., Ivanov A. A., 2017 Nutrient speciation in sediment and water quality assessment of the Circului Lake, Bucharest. AES Bioflux 9(1):6-16.

Pop I. N., Sanchez de Ramirez G. M., Baciu C., Bican-Brisan N., Muntean O.-L., Costin D., 2017 Life cycle analysis in evaluation of household waste collection and transport in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. AES Bioflux 9(1):17-29.

Popescu P. A., Popa M. E., Mitelut A., Tanase E. E., Geicu-Cristea M., Draghici M., 2017 Screening of different methods to establish the biodegradability of packaging materials - a useful tool in environmental risk assessment approach. AES Bioflux 9(1):30-36.

Craciun I. M., Vlad G., Ignat D., Mocanu R., Berkesy C. M., Somesan M., 2017 Leather industry waste material energetic valorisation by anaerobic digestion thanks to a Multi-Phase Process. AES Bioflux 9(1):37-44.

Giovanni M., Ramalli G., Manning N. C., Manneschi M., 2017 Monitoring with drones during a major emergency. AES Bioflux 9(1):45-55.

Petrescu V., Deac C., Barbulescu A., Gligor A., Bibu M., 2017 Study on the efficiency of depollution measures applied in a hydrocarbons-contaminated area. AES Bioflux 9(1):56-63.

Senila M., Micu D., Hoaghia A., Levei E., Cadar O., Kucsicsa G., Balteanu D., 2017 Multivariate statistical analysis of water chemistry in wells from Sub-Carpathians of Curvature, Romania. AES Bioflux 9(1):64-71.

Sur I. M., Micle V., Boros M. N., Rogozan G. C., 2017 The conception of an experimental model for ex situ bioremediation of soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. AES Bioflux 9(1):72-76.

Ruffi M. G., Piegai F., Monnanni G., 2017 Natech risk analysis in "Seveso" plants. AES Bioflux 9(1):77-91.

Truta R. M., Brahaita I. D., Pop C. I., Baciu C., Popita G., 2017 Batch experiment to test the limestone treatment on two types of acid mine water. AES Bioflux 9(1):92-98.

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