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Volume 5(2)/2013, Selected papers, ELSEDIMA International Conference, 9th edn., Cluj-Napoca, 2012

First pages, 2013 AES Bioflux 5(2):i-viii.

Dumitrascu I., 2013 Method validation for phthalate analysis from water. AES Bioflux 5(2):63-69.

Chitu E., Giosanu D., Mateescu E., 2013 Seasonal and annual extreme temperature variability and trends of the latest three decades in Romania. AES Bioflux 5(2):70-88.

Feodorov V., 2013 Ecological landfills for municipal waste. AES Bioflux 5(2):89-99.

Mihai F.-C., Apostol L., Ursu A., Ichim P., 2013 Landfills as anthropogenic landforms in urban environment from Neamt county. AES Bioflux 5(2):100-108.

Pop D., Micle V., Boda D. M., 2013 The contamination of the soil with petroleum products and identification of environmental risks. AES Bioflux 5(2):109-115.

Rusu O. A., Zeic A., Pop C., Gurzau E. S., 2013 Variations in human exposure in car battery industry. AES Bioflux 5(2):116-123.

Bungardean C. M., Soporan V. F., Salanta O. C., 2013 Considerations on the life cycle and recycling of aluminum beverages cans. AES Bioflux 5(2):124-134.

Cordos A. A., Ristoiu D., 2013 Heavy metals inside and in the vicinity of contamined sites - case study of industrial and municipal waste landfills Bistrita. AES Bioflux 5(2):135-140.

Deaconu L.-T., Ajtai N., Torok Z., Ozunu A., 2013 Sulphur dioxide emissions modeling and monitoring, originating from a large combustion power plant. AES Bioflux 5(2):141-147. 

Gheorghiu A.-D., Nour E., Ozunu A., 2013 Critical infrastructure protection in Romania. Evolution of the concept, vulnerabilities, hazards and threats. AES Bioflux 5(2):148-157.

Kozma Kis E.-E., Deaconu L.-T., Roman E., Stefanescu L., Meltzer M., Pop C., Ozunu A., 2013 Assessment of population awareness and preparedness level regarding the environmental emergency situations. AES Bioflux 5(2):158-165.

Modoi O.-C., Popita G. E., Mihaiescu R., 2013 Alternative decisions for municipal solid waste management in Cluj-Napoca area. AES Bioflux 5(2):166-177.

Olah (Vasile) A., Stezar I.-C., Torok Z., Ozunu A., 2013 Soil remediation comparative analysis on two historically contamined industrial sites in Romania. AES Bioflux 5(2):178-188.

Oprea I. C., Malschi D., Muntean L. O., 2013 The biomonitoring and bioremediation of toxic water resulting from municipal waste storage of Somard, Sibiu county. AES Bioflux 5(2):189-196. 

Murar M., Brad S., Suciu L., Pop C., 2013 Enhanced control architecture for acchieving effective resources management within waste water treatment solution usage. AES Bioflux 5(2):197-207.

Salanta O. C., Soporan V. F., Bungardean C. M., 2013 Considerations on the recovery and recycling of plastic materials from computer equipment in Romania. AES Bioflux 5(2):208-214.

Pricop F., Scarlat R., Moga I. C., Jianu N., 2013 The impact of textile finishing biotechnologies and of the wastewater treatment on environmental quality. AES Bioflux 5(2):215-225.

Suciu A., Rusu T., 2013 Methods and equipments used in the monitoring of the atmospheric pollutants in urban environment. AES Bioflux 5(2):226-233. 

Darab C., Crisan R., Vlad G., Nascu I., 2013 An approach for industrial wastewater treatment process. AES Bioflux 5(2):234-238.

Burghelea A., Bulimaga C., Kuharuk E., Mogaldea V., 2013 Impact of waste on soil cover in Chisinau urban ecosystem. AES Bioflux 5(2):239-244.

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