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Volume 8(2)/2016

First pages, 2016 AES Bioflux 8(2):i-vi.

Moghaddam T. H., Kouhgardi E., Pazira A., 2016 Evaluation of the efficiency of the reverse osmosis process on nitrate removing from Tehran drinking water. AES Bioflux 8(2):107-110.

Pepito P. J. G., Barrion-Dupo A. L., Nuneza O. M., 2016 The practice of spider-wrestling in Northern Mindanao, Philippines: its implications to spider diversity. AES Bioflux 8(2):111-124.

Zeinadini Meymand A., Masihabadi M. H., Esfandiyari M., 2016 Investigation of characteristics and rating of saline-sodic soils and effect of important parameters on pistachio yield in Kerman province. AES Bioflux 8(2):125-134.

Setiawan Y., Hermawan R., Arief H., Effendi H., Lubis M. I., Permatasari P. A., Handayani L. D. W., 2016 Differences in canopy structure among major plant communities in the fragmented swamp forest of Southern Sumatra. AES Bioflux 8(2):135-147.

Mendoza E. N., Toledo-Bruno A. G., Olpenda A. S., 2016 Local government unit capacity for disaster risk reduction and management: from disaster to resilience. AES Bioflux 8(2):148-156.

Aribal L. G., Toledo-Bruno A. G., Jumawid E. C. P., 2016 Ficus-frugivore interaction in the forest reserves of Central Mindanao University: its importance to forest restoration. AES Bioflux 8(2):157-164.

Obemio C. D. G., Tumamac M. C., Gubalane R. B., Labrador C. M. F., Remollo L. L., Roxas P. G., Aljibe M. C., Oconer E. P., 2016 Composition and diversity of floral understory in Mount Matutum Protected Landscape (MMPL), South Cotabato, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(2):165-172.

Bagsit F. U., Guzman A. M. T., Jimenez C. N., Serofia G. D., 2016 Quantitative measurement of vulnerability of selected coastal communities to hydrometeorological hazards, in Iloilo Province, Central Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(2):173-181.

Widiatmaka, Ambarwulan W., Kusmaryandi N., Kusmana C., Kardono P., 2016 Land use, land cover and mangrove diversity in the Indonesian outermost small islands of Rote and nDana. AES Bioflux 8(2):182-193.

Marin R. A., Jamis C. V., 2016 Soil erosion status of the three sub-watersheds in Bukidnon Province, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(2):194-204.

Zaragoza M. J. G., Aranico E. C., Tampus A. D., Amparado Jr. R. F., 2016 Carbon stock assessment of three different vegetative covers in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(2):205-220.

Mafi-Gholami D., Danehkar A., Babazadeh S., 2016 Analysis and selection of the best approach for vulnerability assessment in natural environments. AES Bioflux 8(2):221-243.

Kamalifar R., Aeinjamshid K., Nurinejad M., Vazirizadeh A., Dehghan-Mediseh S., 2016 Heavy metal concentration in the surface sediment of Bidkhun mangrove forest, Nayband bay, Iran. AES Bioflux 8(2):244-251.

Book Review: The principle of environmental integration under scrutiny. An analytical legal framework on how EU policies are becoming green. pp. 252-253.

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