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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 5(3)/2013

First pages, 2013 AES Bioflux 5(3):i-iv.

Quisil S. J. C., Arreza J. D. E., Nuneza O. M., Villanueva R. J. T., 2013 Species richness of Odonata in Lanuza and San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, Philippines. AES Bioflux 5(3):245-260.

Petrescu D. C., 2013 Consumer behaviour on organic food: detailed questionnaire as research instrument. AES Bioflux 5(3):261-273.

Dragan A.-A., Petrescu D.-C., 2013 Consumer behaviour towards organic, natural and conventional skin care products: a pilot study. AES Bioflux 5(3):274-286.

Al-Qutob M., Alatrash H. M., Abol-Ola S., 2013 Determination of different heavy metals concentrations in cosmetics purchased from the Palestinian markets by ICP/MS. AES Bioflux 5(3):287-293.

Petrescu-Mag R. M., Dragan A.-A., Petrescu-Mag I. V., 2013 Considerations on the legal basis of sustainable development. AES Bioflux 5(3):294-299.

Petrescu-Mag R. M., Mihaiescu T., Paulette L., Varban D., 2013 The functions of law in connection with sustainable development. AES Bioflux 5(3):300-305.

Figueras G. S., Nuneza O. M., 2013 Species diversity of ants in karst limestone habitats in Bukidnon and Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. AES Bioflux 5(3):306-315.

Cultura M. V., Aranico E. C., Vedra S. A., Amparado R. F. Jr., 2013 Utilization and management of electronic goods by different households in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. AES Bioflux 5(3):316-327.

Sidor C. G., Popa I., Vlad R., 2013 Spatial structure of spruce-stone pine mixed forest from Calimani Mountains (Eastern Carpathians). AES Bioflux 5(3):328-333.