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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 11(3)/2019

First Pages, 2019 AES Bioflux 11(3):i-vi.

Kusumoarto A., Gunawan A., Machfud, Hikmat A., 2019 Visual aesthetic analysis of post-mining area for ecotourism destination. AES Bioflux 11(3):133-158.

Rimantho D., Noor E., Eriyatno, Effendi H., 2019 Assessment of knowledge, attitude, practice on household related to e-waste management: a case study in DKI Jakarta. AES Bioflux 11(3):159-170.

Gurning R. W., Zahidah, Nurhayati A., Hamdani H., 2019 Application of several water plants to reduce organic pollution levels in the Citarum River. AES Bioflux 11(3):171-179.

Renur A. N., Fahrudin A., Kusumastanto T., Solihin D., 2019 Ocean economy and regional development of Maluku Province, Indonesia. AES Bioflux 11(3):180-186.

Varela R. P., Garcia G. A. G., Garcia C. M., Asube L. C. S., 2019 Ecobelt construction adopting agroforestry for rehabilitation of mined-out nickel areas in Surigao, Philippines. AES Bioflux 11(3):187-194.

Prabawa F. Y., Zagloel T. Y., Koestoer R. H., Abdini C., 2019 Improving the economy of community's gold mining sector in Indonesia with the usage of efficient and clean technology in gold extracting process. AES Bioflux 11(3):195-207.

Kalangi P. N. I., Modaso V. O. J., Luasunaung A., 2019 Dispersion of conservative floating material from Pamurapa River in Amurang Bay, North Sulawesi - Indonesia. AES Bioflux 11(3):208-215.

Hesty R. S., Gunawan A., Munandar A., Prasetyo L. B., 2019 A spatial model of sustainable green open space planning in Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province. AES Bioflux 11(3):216-226.