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Volume 7(3)/2015

First pages, 2015 AES Bioflux 7(3):i-vi.

Oruji S., Amini E., Mahesh T. M., 2015 The future form, sustainable urban design and the effect of urban infrastructures: a case study of the Region One of Tehran municipality. AES Bioflux 7(3):309-323.

Mansouri S., 2015 The relationship between energy consumption and economic growth in Iran: dynamic causality test. AES Bioflux 7(3):324-337.

Taghipour M., Soltanzadeh H., Afkan K. B., 2015 The role of spatial organization in the typology of Shiraz (Iran) residential complexes. AES Bioflux 7(3):338-350.

Jumawan J., Bitalas M. B., Ramos J. J. C., Garcia A. R. P., Landero R. S., Cordero J. A., Matela M. N. V., Apostol M. A. D., Cataluna R. B., 2015 Seagrass diversity and structure along the coastal area in Paligue, Hagonoy Davao del Sur, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(3):351-356.

Zedam A., Fenni M., 2015 Vascular flora analysis in the Southern part of Chott El Hodna wetland (Algeria). AES Bioflux 7(3):357-368.

Farooq J., Farooq A., Rizwan M., Petrescu-Mag I. V., Ali M. A., Mahmood K., Batool A., 2015 Cotton fibers: Attributes of specialized cells and factors affecting them. AES Bioflux 7(3):369-382.

Farrag E. A. M., Abu-Sei'leek M. H. E., Al-Sayyed M. I. A., 2015 Study of heavy metals concentration in cosmetics purchased from Jordan markets by ICP-MS and ICP-OES. AES Bioflux 7(3):383-394.

Farid W. A. A., 2015 Toxicity of crude oil and chemically dispersed crude oil on Shatt Al-Arab River Melanoides tuberculata and Corbicula fluminalis under laboratory tidal regime at two controlled temperatures. AES Bioflux 7(3):395-408.

Padilla R. F. Q., Crisologo E. S., Romarate II R. A., Vedra S. A., 2015 Analysis of vegetation degradation using GIS and remote sensing at Lake Mainit watershed, Mindanao, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(3):409-414.

Albutra Q. B., Adamat L. A., 2015 Describing the qualitative effects of Daconil fungicide in the gametes and fertilization process of sea urchin (Tripneustes gratilla). AES Bioflux 7(3):415-421.

Tulod A. M., 2015 Carbon stocks of second growth forest and reforestation stands in Southern Philippines: baseline for carbon sequestration monitoring. AES Bioflux 7(3):422-431.

Madjos G. G., Demetillo M. T., Baguio M. L., Torres M. A. J., 2015 Phenotypic variation in populations of Pomacea canaliculata (golden apple snail): a case of agroecotypes? AES Bioflux 7(3):432-441.

Mafi-Gholami D., Feghhi J., Danehkar A., Yarali N., 2015 Prioritizing stresses and disturbances affecting mangrove forests using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP). Case study: mangrove forests of Hormozgan Province, Iran. AES Bioflux 7(3):442-459.

Demetillo M. T., Baguio M. L., Limitares D. E., Madjos G. G., Abrenica-Adamat L. R., 2015 Effects of Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) crude leaf extracts on the developmental stages of Pomacea canaliculata (golden apple snail). AES Bioflux 7(3):460-467.

Manzanares D. L., Morilla L. J. G., Malawani A. D., Lagare N. J. S., Abrenica-Adamat L. R., 2015 Effects of oregano (Origanum vulgare) leaf extract on early life stages of Artemia salina. AES Bioflux 7(3):468-474.

Jumawan J., Flores F. L., Aragon R. T., Villamor J. M. C., Sagot J. C., Taguse H. C., Genecera J., Banas G. G., Depamaylo A. M. V., 2015 Diversity assessment and spatial structure of mangrove community in a rehabilitated landscape in Hagonoy, Davao Del Sur, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(3):475-482.

Obeidi R., Pazira A. R., Noorinezhad M., 2015 Measuring the concentration of lead in muscle and liver tissues of Pomadasys kaakan in Bushehr port, Iran. AES Bioflux 7(3):483-489.

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