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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 2(2)/2010

Online ISSN 2065-7647

First pages. AES Bioflux 2(1):i-vi.

Getwongsa P., Hanjavanit C., Sangpradub N., 2010 Impacts of agricultural land use on stream benthic macroinvertebrates in tributaries of the Mekong River, northeast Thailand. AES Bioflux 2(2):97-112.

Venkatesan V., Kalidas C., Mohamed K. S., Zacharia P. U., Rajagopal S., 2010 Distribution of molluscan fauna in the Karangad estuarine mangroves, South East Coast of India. AES Bioflux 2(2):113-119.

Buckhale G., 2010 Prototype of a computerized system to automatically supply the parameters needed to compute 95% confidence intervals for chemical (and other) measurements (in both biased and unbiased measurement form). AES Bioflux 2(2):121-170.

Smical I., Mihaly-Cozmuta L., Costin D., 2010 Research concerning the influence of several factors on Pb2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ ions adsorption by natural zeolite tuff from Maramure┼č county, Northern Romania. AES Bioflux 2(2):171-180.

Smical I., Mihaly-Cozmuta L., Costin D., 2010 Use of natural zeolites from Maramures county (Romania) in removal of Cu2+, Pb2+, Zn2+ ions from industrial wastewaters. AES Bioflux 2(2):181-188.

Kavitha S. K., Palanisamy P. N., 2010 Solar photocatalitic degradation of Vat Yellow 4 dye in aqueous suspension of TiO2 - optimization of operational parameters. AES Bioflux 2(2):189-202.

Barbir C. F., Roibu C.-C., Flutur G., 2010 Structural research in the natural beech forest, situated at the eastern limit (Humosu Old Growth Beech Forest, Iasi county, Romania). AES Bioflux 2(2):203-214.

Duduman G., Roibu C.-C., Duduman M.-L., Miron-Onciul M., 2010 The influence of competition and dimensional-spatial characteristics of trees on their radial growth in Old-Growth Slatioara forest, Romania. AES Bioflux 2(2):215-230.

Buckhale G., 2010 Short communication on calibration graphs in analytical chemistry: How they work. AES Bioflux 2(2):231-238.

Barnoaiea I., 2010 Forest structure analysis on very high resolution images. AES Bioflux 2(2):239-251.

Iacobescu R. M., 2010 Aesthetical principles in degraded landscape rehabilitation. AES Bioflux 2(2): 253-256.

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