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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 10(3)/2018

First pages, 2018 AES Bioflux 10(3):i-vi.

Ariyanto D., Bengen D. G., Prartono T., Wardiatno Y., 2018 Productivity and CNP availability in Rhizophora apiculata Blume and Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. at Bangi Coast, Central Java - Indonesia. AES Bioflux 10(3):137-146.

Wirawan S. M. S., Maarif M. S., Riani E., Anwar S., 2018 An evaluation of the sustainability of domestic wastewater management in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. AES Bioflux 10(3):147-159.

Lopez S. O., Mijares M. A. R., Alerta G., Amarille M. C., Mora-Garcia C., 2018 Water concessioners willingness to pay for improvement of water supply services in Butuan City, Philippines. AES Bioflux 10(3):160-167.

Schahrakane Y., Tazi O., Idali H., Benjeloun N., Chakri N., Abderrazik W., Khatabi A., 2018 Physicochemical and microbiological study of the Ourika watershed hydrographic network (Marrakech-Morocco region). AES Bioflux 10(3):168-186.

Maksum M. A., Ma'arif M. S., Syaufina L., Zuhriana D., 2018 Human resource capacity development strategy for forest and land fire control in Indonesia: a soft system methodology approach. AES Bioflux 10(3):187-199.

Ilhamsyah Y., Koesmaryono Y., Hidayat R., Nurjaya I. W., Atmadipoera A. S., Rizal S., 2018 Characteristics of hydro-oceanography in the Aceh waters, Indonesia: expedition by R/V Baruna Jaya IV. AES Bioflux 10(3):200-208.

Nurdjaman S., Burhanuddin M. N., Yanagi T., Radjawane I. M., Suprijo T., 2018 Estimating flushing time in Citarum River Estuary, Indonesia by using empirical and numerical methods. AES Bioflux 10(3):209-216.