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Volume 8(1)/2016

First pages, 2016 AES Bioflux 8(1):i-vi.

Balondo K. A. V., Arguelles N. J. B., Bonachita E. D., Miculob R. F., Abrenica-Adamat L. R., 2016 The effects of short UV radiation to the egg hatchability of the soil-dwelling nematode, Acrobeloides nanus. AES Bioflux 8(1):1-5.

Bigsang R. T., Agonia N. B., Toreta C. G. D., Nacin C. J. C. B., Obemio C. D. G., Martin T. T. B., 2016 Community structure and carbon sequestration potential of mangroves in Maasim, Sarangani Province, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(1):6-13.

Shekarchian A., Etemad V., Bihamta M. R., Assareh M. H., 2016 Effects of salicylic acid on physiological traits of myrtle seedlings in salt stress condition. AES Bioflux 8(1):14-23.

Lagnason Jr. C. A., Bidad W. D., Requieron E. A., 2016 Biophysical profile of Kawas Marine Sanctuary in Alabel Sarangani Province, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(1):24-32.

Amirpour M., Shorafa M., Gorji M., Naghavi H., 2016 Effects of subsurface water retention using polyethylene membranes with surface mulch and irrigation on moisture, temperature and salinity of sandy soil of an arid region in Iran. AES Bioflux 8(1):33-41.

Benecario J. B., Torregosa K. M. Y., Orbita M. L. S., Orbita R. R., 2016 Composition, abundance and distribution of mangroves in Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(1):42-49.

Fathi G., Yengejeh R. J., Kohgerdi E., Janmohammadi F., 2016 Bioremediation of anionic surfactants in hospital wastewater. Case study: Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Abadan City, Iran. AES Bioflux 8(1):50-58.

Murgoi V.-L., Bratosin D., Voia S., Osman A., 2016 A study on cadmium concentration in the Hateg Country soils. AES Bioflux 8(1):59-64.

Murgoi V.-L., Bratosin D., Voia S., Osman A., 2016 A study on lead concentration in Hateg Country soils. AES Bioflux 8(1):65-70.

Walag A. M. P., Canencia M. O. P., 2016 Physico-chemical parameters and macrobenthic invertebrates of the intertidal zone of Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. AES Bioflux 8(1):71-82.

Bercero D. II M., Aranico E. C., Tabaranza A. C. E., Amparado Jr. R. F., 2016 Performance of single and combined compost enhancers in composting urban wastes at the household level. AES Bioflux 8(1):83-95.

Zulfa N., Effendi H., Riani E., 2016 Preliminary rapid fishing port water quality assessment with pollution index. AES Bioflux 8(1):96-106.