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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 12(2)/2020

First pages, 2020 AES Bioflux 12(2):i-vi.

Muksin D., Simbolon D., Wiyono E. S., Sondita M. F. A., 2020 Effect of global climate (ENSO) on regional climate (rainfall and air temperature) in the Morotai Island region. AES Bioflux 12(2):97-109.

Koehuan J. E., Suharto B., Djoyowasito G., Wignyanto, 2020 Rice water total factor productivity growth of West Timor region, Indonesia 2000-2015: a novel parametric approach. AES Bioflux 12(2):110-122.

Idali H., Fahde A., Schahrakane Y., Rachidi A., 2020 Characterization of bathing water on the Casablanca coast. AES Bioflux 12(2):123-136.

Aidi Z., Farida H., 2020 Natural disaster insurance for Indonesia disaster management. AES Bioflux 12(2):137-145.

Rusdiyanto E., Sitorus S. R. P., Pramudya B., Sobandi R., 2020 The dynamic of built land development in the Cikapundung riverside area, Bandung City, Indonesia. AES Bioflux 12(2):146-159.

Pito E. C., Labajo-Villantes Y., Alaman B. B., Villanueva G. V., Jomuad P. D., Garrido Jr. A. F., Restauro G. P., 2020 Species richness, importance and conservation status of trees on natural forests in southern part of Mt. Malindang, Philippines. AES Bioflux 12(2):160-169.

Sobang Y. U. L., Maranatha G., Paulus C. A., Basuki T., 2020 Community adaptation strategy affected by Covid 19 pandemic in the fulfilling of family food. AES Bioflux 12(2):170-177.

Sutrisna M. G., Sitorus S. R. P., Widiatmaka, Marimin, Nurwajedi, 2020 Changes in land use of the land-based leading sectors in West Kotawaringin Regency of Central Kalimantan. AES Bioflux 12(2):178-193.