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Volume 7(1)/2015

First pages, 2015 AES Bioflux 7(1):i-vi.

Medina M. A. P., 2015 The sustainability of on campus residence: a utilization of ecological footprinting in a state university in Mindanao, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(1):1-10.

Taberna Jr. H. S., Nillos M. G. G., Pahila I. G., Arban J. P. B., 2015 Distribution and geochemical behaviour of heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Ni and Pb) in Iloilo river estuarine sediments. AES Bioflux 7(1):11-19.

Sularte R. P., Boyles L. Z., Calomot N. H., Demetillo M. T., Ombat L. A., Ngilangil M. C. M., Binag G. M., 2015 Species distribution and abundance of amphibians in two vegetation types of Agusan Marsh, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(1):20-34.

Almeda M. C. V., Monteron M. O., Benecario J., Bitantos B., Adiong S. K., Seniel J. G., Tampus A. D., 2015 Soil and streamwater quality along Digkila-an and Dodiongan tributaries of Mandulong Watershed, Iligan City, Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(1):35-40.

Taberna Jr. H. S., 2015 Relative atomic variation (RAV) and correlation of elements: qualitative tools in the assessment of metal contamination in estuarine sediments. AES Bioflux 7(1):41-51.

Abass M. H., Hassan Z. K., Al-Jabary K. M. A., 2015 Assessment of heavy metals pollution in soil and date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) leaves sampled from Basra/Iraq governorate. AES Bioflux 7(1):52-59.

Galua R. D., Tobias E. G., 2015 An assessment of sustainability of a green residential building in an urban setting: focus in Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro City. AES Bioflux 7(1):60-69.

Salehi H., Pazira A. R., Noorbakhsh H. Z., 2015 Ecological status assessment of intertidal zone of the Persian Gulf coastal field using Gastropod biodiversity (a case study of Deylam County, Bushehr Province, Iran). AES Bioflux 7(1):70-81.

Sheykhvand N., Entezami M. S., Moghdani S., 2015 Nickel accumulation levels in habitat and tissues of Turbo coronatus (Gastropoda, Turbinidae) near Kish Island, Persian Gulf. AES Bioflux 7(1):82-89.

Perez I. C. J., Gooc C. M., Cabili J. R., Rico M. J. P., Ebasan M. S., Zaragoza M. J. G., Redondo A. F. S. Orbita R. R., Lacuna M. L. D. G., 2015 Pesticide use among farmers in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. AES Bioflux 7(1):90-108.

Carnaje N. P., Amparado Jr. R. F., Malaluan R. M., 2015 Amending acidic soil with bamboo (Bambusa blumeana) biochar: effect on mung bean (Vigna radiata) growth rate and yield. AES Bioflux 7(1):109-123.

Pajar J. A. L., Soriano M. L., Paasa M. A., Teves F. G., 2015 Effects of Metarhizium brunneum and Aspergillus spp. on the emergence of coconut leaf beetle parasitoid, Tetrastichus brontispae. AES Bioflux 7(1):124-130.

Maddahi Z., Jalalian A., Zarkesh M. M. K., Honarjo N., 2015 Providing a soil fertility map using geographic information system, geostatistical techniques and fuzzy logic. AES Bioflux 7(1):131-138.

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