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Advances in Environmental Sciences

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Volume 7(2)/2015

First pages, 2015 AES Bioflux 7(2):i-x.

Anghel A. M., Diacu E., Petculescu B., 2015 Trajectory of inorganic contaminants in river systems in the mining areas of northwestern Romania - Satu Mare County. AES Bioflux 7(2):139-146.

Barbulescu A., Gligor A., Deac C., Petrescu V., Avram L., 2015 Researches on the degradation of organic compounds in soils polluted with hydrocarbons and brine. AES Bioflux 7(2):147-154.

Brahaita I. D., Malschi D., Popita E. G., 2015 Phytoremediation study of water polluted with heavy metals using floating macrophytes: Lemna minor and Pistia stratiotes. AES Bioflux 7(2):155-162.

Craciun I. M., Vlad G., Ignat D., Ciuban V., Berkesy C. M., 2015 Analysis concerning the biological treatment of wastewater with high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen. AES Bioflux 7(2):163-172.

Tevi G., Vasilescu M., Grigore-Radulescu M. F., 2015 Environmental health risk index, tool for the management of nitrates vulnerable zones. AES Bioflux 7(2):173-181.

Popa I., Scradeanu M., Tenu A., Scradeanu D., 2015 Vulnerability to pollution of thermomineral sources in Baile Tusnad area. AES Bioflux 7(2):182-195.

Apostol L., Barcacianu F., Ichim P., Sfica L., 2015 The thermal inversion phenomena on ground level and in the free atmosphere in the first 300 m above Moldova, Romania. AES Bioflux 7(2):196-204.

Bina (Coste) A., Micle V., 2015 The effect of organic poultry fertilizer in bioremediation of soil artificially polluted with diesel fuel. AES Bioflux 7(2):205-211.

Botezan C. S., Meltzer M., Ozunu A., Rademacher Y., 2015 Community resources in disaster management - Valea Ierii commune, case study. AES Bioflux 7(2):212-222.

Craciun I., Torok Z., Ozunu A., 2015 Comparative analysis of individual risk using different Probit functions in estimating heat radiation consequences. AES Bioflux 7(2):223-229.

Giurgiulescu M., Panisoara G., Panisoara I. O., Sandu C. M., 2015 Ways to develop a positive attitude of students - digital natives - to reduce disaster risks. AES Bioflux 7(2):230-239.

Ionescu-Tamas C., Corpade A.-M., Petrea D., 2015 Toward objectivity in the strategic environmental assessment by applying the territorial performance index. Case study. AES Bioflux 7(2):240-251.

Jascau D.-V., Pop A. L., Muresan L., Pica E. M., 2015 Determinations regarding the influence of the leachate drainage to surface water bodies adjacent to municipal landfills. AES Bioflux 7(2):252-258.

Petrova E., 2015 Road and railway transport in Russia: safety and risks. AES Bioflux 7(2):259-271.

Restas A., Pantya P., Horvath L., 2015 Disaster management from the viewpoint of fire protection in Hungary. From the effectiveness of fire prevention to the safety of firefighters: Complexity of the firefighters' work in crisis situations. AES Bioflux 7(2):272-276.

Lile R., Stanciu S., Martin S., Moatar M., 2015 Post-disaster reconstruction and management on the sterile dumps from Steierdorf unit-Anina, Caras-Severin. AES Bioflux 7(2):277-286.

Pohontu C. M., 2015 Recovery of contamined soils with leachate after closing a municipal landfill. AES Bioflux 7(2):287-297.

Malschi D., Muresanu F., Kadar R., Tarau A. D., Valean A. M., Tritean N., Chetan C., 2015 Environmental public goods associated with agriculture practice of integrated wheat pest management. AES Bioflux 7(2):298-308.